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Oct. 4, 2021

Episode 15: How to Manage a Screaming Child Without Screaming Yourself

Episode 15: How to Manage a Screaming Child Without Screaming Yourself

We have all had those days and nights where it seems our child never stops crying or screaming.  You are exhausted, stressed and feeling like if you were a better parent you would be able to make them stop.  You feel insecure, ineffective, worried, and maybe a little depressed or even angry.  Angry at yourself and even though you hate to admit it, angry at your child.  Why can't they calm down.  It seems like your child is angry at you or just taking out their frustrations on you.  If they were happy, they wouldn't do this.  Is a neighbor going to call the landlord or Child Protective Services to complain about a child that cries all the time or is constantly throwing tantrums.  All of these concerns are to be expected when your child seem inconsolable or on the edge of hysterics.  

Luckily there are things you can do and in this episode you will learn a few of them.  In this episode you will learn 

  • The difference between he crying of an infant and a toddler
  • Things you can do to help calm a crying baby
  • Your key role that first year of life
  • How the purpose of crying changes as they get older
  • How to set your child up to succeed
  • Things you can do to help you survive

In this episode I mention a free workshop , "From Unwitting Saboteur to Strategic Hero, which is available on my website.  Click here for more information.