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Imperfect Heroes Podcast


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Parenting Leadership

DJ has such a compassionate heart for parents. Being a guest on her podcast showed me once again how she is all about helping parents be their best. In turn, those children grow up learning how to love. Leaders help others thrive. DJ has an eye for people going that extra mile to reach the parents for that special support they need. What a treat to be with her and know the important work she is contributing. HIghly recommend Imperfect Heroes Podcast.

Fantastic podcast

I really enjoyed connecting with the host. She does a fantastic job and supports many people with her work.

You need to listen to this podcast...

Why? Chatting with DJ is like sitting in your living room with an old friend. She provides parents and teachers with a wealth of experience sprinkled with compassion and an abundance of valuable resources to make your life easier. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my passion with your audience.

Excellent resource for parents

DJ covers a lot of very relevant topics and her experience and style help parents learn and build confidence.

Wonderful podcast

DJ is well connected with her life’s purpose and it shows. Great interviews and a great personality.

The Power Of Fairy Tales

What an inspiringly delightful conversation I enjoyed with DJ! Her wisdom and love from a lifetime devoted to teaching and enriching the lives of children and families is a treasure chest to immerse yourself in! I look forward to more precious moments together!

Like taking with a friend

I LOVE the podcast! Listening in is like listening to two friends chat. Thanks DJ for such a thoughtful podcast.

Heart of Gold

DJ is an amazing podcast host with a heart of gold! Her love for children and seeing parents be the best version of themselves pours through every word spoken. She is an uplifter, and I absolutely love how she empowers every listener to be all they can be through her podcast.

When it comes to parenting, DJ Stutz knows her stuff!

I had such a blast chatting with DJ Stutz on her Imperfect Heroes Podcast because it was like spending an hour talking parenting with an old friend who just gets it. DJ brings a wealth of hands-on experience in the classroom and as a parents to every conversation and her genuine passion for raising independent, happy, and resilient kids shines bright in every episode.


DJ is so authentic and real.


I loved the info. My daughter adopted two children and they are both so different. It’s was nice to hear that there are differences and how to deal with different issues. I’m anxious to read more about it. Thanks Debbie. Your amazing

Enjoyed it

I had the pleasure of being the guest on this podcast! Loved chatting and connecting with DJ

Loved the adoption story!

I loved listening to Hilary’s experience of adopting her daughter from China! I hope we get a part 2, I want to hear more.

Review from an interviewee

DJ interviewed me for the episode regarding international adoption and attachment! We had a genuine, heartfelt, enjoyable, natural conversation and I felt like the time flew by! She related to me on so many levels, while also asking the "good questions". I thoroughly enjoyed my time with DJ!


DJ does a great job at bringing great guests on her podcast and tackling a broad spectrum of topics!

Awesome content!

There is so much great information for new parents.

Great parenting (and life) advice!

DJ is a natural at seeing the easier way to parent. She advocates treating our children as we should ourselves — as in need of understanding, gentle guidance, and an anxiety-free space to develop fully. DJ is warm and knowledgeable and full of great stories too! Enjoy the podcast.

Protecting Your Children When You Are Not There

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Chuck shared some excellent and important information. DJ and Chuck made it easy to listen to this difficult subject by interjecting stories that helped the listener understand that the reality of this subject is important to consider. The option of will versus trust was clearly explained and additional information about finding suitable and willing adults to step in if something should happen that would leave your kids without you was shared with sensitivity. Excellent presentation. Thank you.

Down to earth real advice

DJ does an amazing job of keeping the advice real and applicable to all parents. Definitely something for everyone no matter what the age of your kids. Highly recommend!!!

What EVERY parent needs!

If you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, teacher or caregiver for children of any kind, you know how easy it is to doubt yourself and your abilities when it comes to parenting. Imperfect Heroes is the parenting manual you always wanted but never had! Follow this show and rest assured that yes, you can be an imperfect parent and still raise great kid(s)!

Great advice

New ways of looking at the everyday struggles of parenthood along with simple solutions to make life happier.

Very Insightful

So much to learn! Easy to listen to!

Great advice and for parents

This show is a great place for parents to get shame-free advice for raising healthy, happy kids. Highly recommend!

Awesome podcast

This is a wonderful podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about the things I didn’t know about my kids teeth! I’m a pretty hands on parent but there was great new information in this. Very nice

Great advice for all parents!

Great advice for parents! Good to know for all ages! Thank you!