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Laura Hernandez


Laura Hernandez is the owner of Mama Systems and the mother of ten children. In just five years, she and her husband have added six children to their family - three biological and three through adoption. Four of the children attend public school, and they home-school five children. Laura leads a busy life, managing 20+ appointments a week for their four special needs children. Laura is passionate and dedicated to helping women bring more peace to their homes by designing customized systems that help a family run more smoothly... Reducing a mother's daily workload is her specialty!

March 6, 2023

Episode 89: Did You Say 10 Kids? Creating Calm Amongst the Chaos wit…

In this episode, DJ invited a Mom of 10 children and creator of Mama Systems, Laura Hernandez, on the show to discuss the importance of implementing systems in your household to create order and peace. Listen in as they talk …

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