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Nikole Thompson

Author / Ministry Leader

Nikole Thompson is a speaker, writer, and ministry leader, alongside her husband, Anthony. They are the directors of Celebrate Recovery at Covenant Community Church in Madisonville, KY, where they reside. Having nine grown children, and 12 grandchildren, so far biblical marriage and parenting is not just something she speaks about, but something she lives. Passionate about sharing the gospel, it was 6 years ago they stepped out in faith, and launched Prisoner2preacher - their very own nonprofit. 50 Shades of Truth is Nikole’s personal testimony of walking away from a rebellious lifestyle, and now chasing after God.
“50 Shades of Truth'' unveils the life that Nikki lived before… and after… God’s amazing deliverance and transformation from drugs and alcohol and all of the sinful bondages that result from that experience. Follow along in her new book and behold how merciful and gracious God chooses to be towards those of us who have found ourselves in the lowest places of deep darkness, far away from His wonderful light. Proving, once again, that the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus Christ, was more than sufficient to save even the worst of sinners.

July 11, 2022

Episode 55: What Effect Does Media Have on Our Kids and Family with N…

In this episode, DJ talks with Nikole Thompson about how the media and social platforms are really having a negative effect on ou…

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