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Aug. 23, 2021

Episode 9: The Awesome Sauce That Keeps Our Kids Ticking with Dr. Karen Dudeck-Brannan

Episode 9: The Awesome Sauce That Keeps Our Kids Ticking with Dr. Karen Dudeck-Brannan

Are your kids unorganized?  Do they struggle with simple chores and tasks?  Does frustrated anger erupt after you have told them 50 times to get something done?  Some of our children seem to get overwhelmed so easily.  The simplest task seems to be too much.  Perhaps you have tried visual schedules and showing them what to do.  What more can you do?  

Listen in as I speak with Dr. Karen Dudeck-Brannan as we discuss this awesome sauce that helps you work with your children so they can grow into happy independence and confidence as they become more capable and able to understand what it takes to get things done.

In this episode you will learn among other things:

  • What is this awesome sauce that will enable your child to get ahead, accomplish goals and have greater confidence.
  • Why it can be so hard for your child to accomplish everyday routines and chores like getting out of the door on time in the morning.
  • How to help your child in ways that are developmentally appropriate for them.
  • Specific things you can do to help your child with a task they are struggling with.
  • What the heck is self talk and how to use it.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan, here is the link to her website:
Also, here is the link to her podcast.  Be sure to tune in on August 26 and September 2 when I will be a guest.

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