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Aug. 16, 2021

How Denying the Fact My Child Needed Help Affected His Education

How Denying the Fact My Child Needed Help Affected His Education

It is hard for some parents to admit their child needs help in some way.  It was for me.  Today's guest is teacher Bailey Olsen from Michigan.  She has so much experience in helping young students get the assistance they need to move forward in their education as well as their social and emotional growth.  Bailey is currently a 2nd grade teacher, but she has experience in preschool and kindergarten.  In our conversation Bailey shares some things parents can look for and how to work with teachers and specialists to get your children the bump they need toward success.
In this episode you will learn:

  • One of the first signs that your child is unhappy in school and what that can mean.
  • Ways to help your child share their experiences at school
  • How to approach your teacher if you have concerns and what to do if your teacher doesn't respond.
  • When to be concerned with speech issues.
  • Some basic signs of Autism
  • What to consider when a teacher approaches you with concerns
  • What are some of the special plans that may be available for your child.
  • Much much more.

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