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Aug. 2, 2021

How Do You Protect Your Children if You're Not There?

How Do You Protect Your Children if You're Not There?

What to you need to know and do to make sure your children are safe if you're not there to protect them?  I understand we don't like to talk about or plan for how things will go if we die, but if we don't plan it leaves the door open for making a difficult experience much much worse.  In this episode I have a discussion with attorney Chuck Bennion about the options that are available and how you can make sure things are in place for your children to have the best life possible without you.
After listening to this episode you will know

  • the difference between a will and a trust
  • how to avoid common mistakes that can ruin your plans
  • how to chose who will care for your children in case of your death
  • things to consider and check on after this decision is made
  • some things to consider to make sure your child has all of the opportunities you can provide.

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