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Grief Episodes

Sept. 26, 2022

Episode 66: Do You Know About Heaven's Bell? with Sherrie Barch

In this episode, DJ talks with a Forbes ranked CEO, mother and author, Sherrie Barch, about experiencing the loss of a loved one and the terminology to use with smaller children about death and the grieving process. Listen in...

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June 27, 2022

Episode 53: How to Help Your Child When a Pet Dies with Portia Clare

In this episode, DJ talks with Portia Clare, an author who wrote a children’s book to help children deal with the confusion and grief associated with the loss of a pet. Listen in as DJ & Portia discuss creating memory …

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Jan. 24, 2022

Episode 31: Helping Children Through The Grief Of Losing A Sibling

In this episode, DJ talks with Michele Benyo to discuss how to help your child(ren) cope with the grief of losing their sibling when you are coping with the grief of losing your child. Some try to heal from a …

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